Just for Sheelah

There was a complaint registered about the lack of food-based pictures on this blog, so I went out and forced myself to eat delicious things today in an effort to oblige. I’m all about pleasing others, I tell you.

The woman at this little bakery was very funny. She asked me where I was from, and why I was taking pictures of her baked goods. Which is a completely fair question. But then we had the following exchange (I was nowhere near this eloquent, since I was speaking in French, but I think I got the point across):

Me: “I have a friend who really likes baked goods, and I thought I’d show her how delicious they are here.”
Her: “Of course, of course. But, they don’t have bakeries in Canada?”
Me: “Well, yes, they do. But not as many.”
Her: Pause for a minute. “Riight. Probably less independent? So you need pictures?”
Me: “Um … She really, really likes baked goods.”

And, finally, I managed to eat a few non-pastry-based things. These strawberries were amazing, and tasted like fields and sun and not cardboard.


One response to “Just for Sheelah

  1. jebus.
    I love you and pastries. and chocolate. and strawberries. please let money fall on me so I can come and eat pastries with you. I am drooling and jealous. Ridiculously jealous.
    I have my bakery fill for today. Good work.
    On to tomorrow..

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