Looking at the Louvre

I decided to go by the Louvre today since the first Sunday of every month is free. I didn’t think I would get to see everything I wanted to see, I’d been warned that that takes days, but I thought I would get a chance to map out what was most important to see on a return trip.

Turns out, an hour was all I needed. I tend to like more modern art, and I wasn’t coming across much of that at the Louvre. I spent a while wandering around looking at all the ways different cultures painted and sculpted Jesus. And then I was bored.

My favourite part was the Mona Lisa. Not because I particularly like the painting, I’ve never seen what all the fuss was about. But judging from the crowd, apparently I’m alone in that assessment:

After my free hour, I went next door and paid to see the exhibits at the companion museum on the same grounds. I had a very satisfying afternoon studying advertising trends in Finland, the evolution of furniture between the 1940s and today and taking in a delightful exhibit all about the colour red and how it has been used in clothing and furniture throughout history to denote power, money and, well, prostitution.

There was also an incredible Valentino exhibit. Made me want to wear a dress every day for the rest of my life.


3 responses to “Looking at the Louvre

  1. Hey, hey, thanks for sending link to your blog. Now I can enjoy your adventures in France while I’m enjoying my bud Sandra’s adventures in Italy, all the while I’m enjoying (adjust for sarcasm) my own adventures in Wetaskiwin! Whoo-hoo! How’d everything work out with the apartment? Was it as advertised? And would Bart Simpson say, “Mangez mon coulottes?”

  2. I will try not to comment every single day.

    But, pretty dress!!

    And, why was the 1940s the start of the furniture evolution exhibit? Was that when furniture began to be mass-produced?

  3. Hey Shannon! I’ve been faithfully reading your posts. I must say, you’re not the first tourist I’ve heard say something along the lines of, “I got bored at the Louvre after an hour — so many Jesus paintings!”

    I remain ridiculously envious of your adventures in Paris. And yes, RIDE A SCOOTER!! You’ll have a blast.


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