A giant game of catchphrase

This analogy really isn’t going to make sense to anyone but my Edmonton friends. (There’s pictures coming for the rest of you, so you can just skim over this bit.)

I was puzzling to myself today over how people in my class react differently to hitting a language roadblock. Some keep trying in different ways until they get it. Some get absolutely tongue-tied, and stare mutely up at the teacher, silently appealing for help. Others try a word in their native language, hoping someone else will recognize it and lend a hand.

I finally realized it’s like a giant game of catchphrase. We all have the idea of what we want to say in our native language and we have to talk around it with other words and descriptions while everyone stares at us and tries to guess what the heck we’re getting at.

Some people love it, and thrive on trying to approach the problem in different ways. But many others absolutely hate it, and want to throw that little beeping circle to the ground and play Monopoly. I think I’m going to have to learn to have more patience with them, instead of staring at them thinking “why don’t you just SAY something?”

Okay, enough of that. Last weekend I went to see my high school friend Danielle in Aix-en-Provence. I got to meet her charming boyfriend Steeve and her incredibly cute little puppy, Diems.

We drove down to a seaside town called Sausset on Sunday afternoon. They set up a blanket and snuggled up, and I ran up and down the coast for two hours like their overly excitable seven-year-old child.

Here’s some pictures:

Despite the fact that it was a little chilly and cloudy, there were quite a few families hanging out together. Although Danielle tells me that in the summer it’s impossible to find a square inch to lay out your blanket unless you arrive at dawn, so I guess a few people here and there qualifies as deserted.

Danielle examines the sea:

It was Diems‘ first trip to the ocean. Here she is gingerly heading towards it as the tide rolls in …

And, inevitably, skittering backwards when it washed up on her paws:

Also apparently flummoxed by the ocean were a pair of divers who kept diving off these rocks, only to be smashed back up against them two seconds later by huge waves. To my mind, perhaps going in off the calmer rocky beach would have made sense, but maybe not …

Trish should be here any minute, so expect to finally see some pictures of the Eiffel Tower soon!


One response to “A giant game of catchphrase

  1. Ah! Can I say again how jealous I am of your stay in France? Amazing!

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